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The professionals choice for clearing hose, tube, and pipe contamination from new assemblies.

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UC-CAP kit by Ultra Clean

The most popular of our kits, the UC-CAP kit capable of cleaning applications up to 2” ID. This complete set up makes hose cleaning, tube cleaning, and pipe cleaning a cinch! It comes complete with a full range of nozzles and projectiles as well as the launcher, carrying case, and projectile catcher bucket for keeping your shop area tidy!

UC-CAP kit includes:

  • UC-HL2 2” Launcher
  • UC-AR1 Adaptor Ring
  • 20 Nozzles for Cleaning Hose, Hose Assemblies, Tubing and Pipe
  • UC-CC Carrying Case
  • UC-PC Projectile Catcher Bucket
  • Ultra Clean Projectiles 7mm through 60mm (¼” through 2”) 13 bas of projectiles
  • UC-S Launcher Stand

$2,229.00 Plus Tax & Shipping

UC Cap Spec Sheet
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